Confessions of an open relationship

I live in an open relationship since seven years.

We had our ups and downs and gained many experience on how to set boundaries and how to gain trust in this way of living together.

We learned how to manage the jealous feelings that come up from time to time and found, that this is one of the greatest challenges we have to deal with.

For me it´s the most honest way to  live together and beside this, it gives both of us a lot of freedom and fun without missing the heartwarming support that you have when being together with someone you love.

Many people, including friends and relatives, were interested in how we manage this way of life and asked many questions.
This led me to the thought, that there are more  persons interested in which forms of living together do work very well beside the old models. This idea inspired me to write a book on open relationships and how to deal with jealousy. 

Closing the gap between who I am inside and who I pretend to be for me is one of the most important things in a humans life experience and of great value in times, where all around us seems to be shaken up and breaking apart. I am convinced that it is one of the steps that we as individuals and as a entire humanity has to go in order to solve the variety of problems humanity is in right now. So being truly honest in my relationship comes from the inner urge of not wanting to hide any aspects of my personality any more – which for most of us seems to be the easiest way to deal with all the different roles we have to play in our challenging lives. 

It started as an experiment and is a still going on and I did not regret any of the experiences it brought into my life. It requires the willingness to deal with the never ending development on my inner strength and the values I carry inside of me and which I am mostly, but not always able to live by. 

We understand ourselves as people in a growing process, maybe ahead of our time in some parts of our idea of living together, but very grounded and with no head-in-the-clouds-attitudes. You will find in this book a lot of my personal story as well as ideas on how to overcome jealousy  – which is always a part of our own personality and nothing we can control outside of us. If you are looking for some kind of open-mindedness and inspiring ideas on how to lead a honest and loving relationship – open or not – you won´t be disappointed!



Here you find voices about the impact this book had on other persons: 

Jealousy is something that we all have to deal with at times, but if you read this book, by Clea Nuss Troles, you will see that it is very well possible to live without all the negative feelings that are usually associated with being jealous. The writer shares her real life story, and doesn’t leave a stone unturned. She is brutally honest about her relationships, and personal family situation. If you want to become a better person and get rid of the negative feelings that keep you from enjoying life, I highly recommend you to read Clea’s amazing book. You will find it very difficult to put it away when you start reading about her experiences.    D. Dupon / United States

This book is highly recommended for anyone struggling with jealousy in a personal relationship. It’s full of inspiring ideas. I really liked the personal story that is involved–the author is very open about her own experiences. I found the suggestions very helpful in working on my own issues with jealousy. In total, it’s a very useful guide!    V. Madison / Great Britain

The author is telling her story and the ways she experienced to deal with the feelings of her jealousy. She is absolutely honest about her relationship. During the process on overcoming jealousy she learned a lot of things which she is sharing with us. You notice that she went through a process of self development and she found help and advice by people like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Brandon Bays.This book opened my eyes about the real reasons why jealousy occur and helped me changing my mind. I will use her methods in the upcoming weeks to change my attitude towards my jealousy.    Justin B. / United States

This book is definitely worth to read! Even if you are not considering to opening up your relationship it will help you to understand and solve the complex problems of interpersonal relations. Sources of difficulty which are lying deep in your subconscious like jealousy and low self esteem – to mention only two – can be a big challenge and the strategies brought up in this book are powerful tools to fight them. I know that from myself. I was a member of a national team where I was coached by top psychologists who used exactly the same tools to help me overcome my personal problems. After five years of training I felt like a new person and I was ranked number one of the world in my sport. I would never ever have achieved that without getting my mind and soul in a good stateThe lesson I took was that the human psyche is nothing unchangeable. You can work on it. And it’s definitely worth it! So, take my advice, grab this book and start to know yourself!    Norman G. / Germany

I am sure that the less we have to hide the more satisfying we can live our lives. And maybe this form of living together is one possible step on this way and will become very common in future times. 


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By choosing to live my life this way I went – and am still continuing to go – through a process of inner development. So I found many ways to support myself in order to gain and maintain for me the inner balance which is so important for the outer balance in life. 
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Thanks for your interest in my book. 

I wish You Love and Joy for Your life!

Clea Nuss-Troles